Episode Stories

Currently working on an Episode story called Death on the Beach. The first 3 episodes are out now. Click this link to play Death on the Beach, on the Episode app.

This is a link to my Instagram account where I post sneak peaks.

Interactive Fiction

This is based on the first Grail Quest gamebook by J H Brennan, published in 1984. I coded this in Harlowe on Twine with as few changes as possible from the original text.

Grail Quest 1
Grail Quest 1: The Castle of Darkness, posted on 27 Aug 2021.

Please note: The saved game feature saves in your browsers cache, if you clear the cache, you'll lose your saved game!

I've added a Quick Start so you can get straight into the game, bypassing all the intro stuff, of which there is a lot. If you've never played before I suggest not doing that as you will miss a lot of the back story.


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