Episode Stories

Currently working on an Episode story called Death on the Beach. The first four episodes are out now. Click this link to play Death on the Beach, on the Episode app.

This is a link to my Instagram account where I post sneak peaks.

Interactive Fiction

This is based on the first Grail Quest gamebook by J H Brennan, published in 1984. I coded this in Harlowe on Twine with as few changes as possible from the original text.

Grail Quest 1
Grail Quest 1: The Castle of Darkness, posted on 27 Aug 2021.

Please note: The saved game feature saves in your browsers cache, if you clear the cache, you'll lose your saved game!

I've added a Quick Start so you can get straight into the game, bypassing all the intro stuff, of which there is a lot. If you've never played before I suggest not doing that as you will miss a lot of the back story.


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